Chasing the Light

I had a feeling I wanted to head out with my camera and ten stop ND filter today. I knew what I wanted to achieve, moody images representing loneliness with surreal movement from the wind.

The day looked ideal, over cast, windy but I ended up doing quite a few jobs in the day and thinking sunset might be best. As the evening approached I jumped in the car and headed to Cannock Chase. Typically the skies had cleared and the wind died down. The light was fading fast and the location I had chose faced away from the sunset (Check compass next time) but I thought I’d have a play anyhow.

Me and my dog Dylan trekked out into the long grass and heathers trying to find a lone to tree to use as my subject. Using a ten stop ND filter is difficult as each picture takes between two and eight minutes to expose, so trying to see if a composition works doesn’t give you much time as the light fades fast.


These are not the not the greatest of images but these are the four I liked. I like playing with the long exposures just need to perfect it.



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