Wanted fellow creatives for collaborations/modelling

If anyone would like to work with me on a future photographic/art project let me know. Be this male, female, young, old, bands, singers, actors, make-up artist, costume designers, hair stylists etc.

I would ideally like to have a new project to work on each month, but somehow have some sort of underlying theme that would unite them all, got a few things milling over in my head.

Only clause is you have to agree to sign a model release, so I can use the work in a development of a new portfolio. If interested hit like, leave a comment, share if you know anyone else interested or send me message. I’ll put together a list of future collaborators. I will try to come up with a project/idea that would suit you, and send details across. I am very mobile with my photography equipment having so shooting on location or working in different parts of the country is not an issue.

Deciding it’s about time I use my skills and push myself creativity.


Thank you




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