Me!? the family photographer and good at it too.

I have never considered myself to be a family photographer especially after working for a studio where I was hidden in the back to clean up dribble and sick from babies faces on the computer, I will hasten to add, making very poor photographers images look exceptionally good. It was never something I considered to be an area I wanted to work in.

But … some friends of mine asked me to do some images of their son and with a little persuasion I agreed to it. It turned out to be a really fun shoot and one where I got to be creative again and put my twist into it. These are just a couple of the images we created and I will say it helped having very cute bambino to pose in front of the camera. Loads of ideas were chucked around but we didn’t get to do them all as the parents got too tired and needed a nap.

6 Low

10 Low

21 Low


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