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Well this is exciting news, I have a new website courtesy of the amazing guys and girls at 

Back in November I was lucky enough to get myself into an exhibition at millennium point in Birmingham, arranged by Frame Creatives. I was not expecting to get in let alone win any prizes but somehow I landed myself the award for ‘Best Places’ image. It was very exciting to win a prize and I’ve finally got round to getting the website up and running. I think it still needs a few tweaks with services and prices but as a portfolio it seems to work quite well. I think it will be an evolving website as the year progresses so keep your eyes open to see how it changes.

This was the winning image, a photo taken in Bala at around 5.30am on a foggy August morning.

The day before I had just under taken a 107 mile cycle event, and somehow must still have been full of energy products as I awoke very early and it was most defiantly worth waking up.


I was interviewed by Vansessa Champion about the creation of the image and if you’d like to read the full interview just click on the link below. But here is a little snippet of the interview.

Me – looking like a right geek at the exhibition

Can you tell us about the image you entered?

The photo I entered into the Frame16 exhibition is of Lake Bala in Wales. It was taken on Monday 29th August 2016. On the day before I had undertaken a 107-mile cycle challenge through the Welsh mountains called ‘Wild Wales’. This was an incredibly difficult challenge; I have done many cycle events in my time but this has to be the hardest and most grueling. I was very worn out at the end of the event but I think I must have taken on board quite a bit of caffeine and energy products during the race, as the next day I awoke at 5am.

We were camped down by the edge of Lake Bala and as I slowly emerged from the tent, a mist hung over the campsite. You couldn’t see more than ten feet in front of you but my dog Dylan decided he too wanted to get up with me. I grabbed my camera and we both wandered down to the lakefront. The mists obscured any view of the surrounding mountains and the world was just a grey mass of nothingness. As I looked at the lake you couldn’t tell where the sky and water separated, I tried taking a few photos but nothing was really working. Then slowly from out of the gloom the sun began to rise and colour came into the mists. I was fixated by the colours but thought it needed something to ground the eye. I wandered down the lake and tried fences and rocks but nothing was really helping, until I headed down the other end of the lake and came across the small boats just emerging from the mists. Me and Dylan sat on the beach taking photos as the colours slowly changed, the clouds that hung in the air moved and altered the landscape creating an eerie tranquil place.

Full interview can be found here … click

Go, go, go have a look at my new website and let me know what you think.



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