How ideas change – the creation of a photographic portrait

Back in October 2016 I really wanted to create a new dark interesting portrait for Halloween. In my head I wanted to create a seething mass of blackness, where the model would be oozing black goo and make it very illustrative… but this wasn’t quite how the shoot turned out.

I set up my camera and lights and I was working in my usual studio any where mode, with speed lights and modifiers and reflectors.

It started out as a self portrait just trying to figure how I wanted to light the portrait but I couldn’t really get in the right mind set for it, even though I had created some nice light.

Luckily Emma came home and offered to be the model for this shoot and so the application of the black make up began. I really liked the way Emma was applying the makeup and the idea changed, as soon as she stepped in front of the camera I realised this portrait was going to have a more somber tone to it.


It took me a while to get round to edit this image and I missed my deadline of Halloween by some months. Work and life got in the way of me sitting and editing the images so I’ve finally got round to it.

It didn’t turn out to be the gruesome image I had imagined but a sadder more intimate portrait, that I turned out to love.

Funny isn’t how sometimes you set out with one thing in your mind and end up creating something completely different. This is why I love been a creative.

Thanks for reading and if you too would like to pose for a creative portrait then please drop me a message, comment or give me a ring. I’d love to hear from you.





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