Muddy Face 4Gareth Partington is a Birmingham based portrait and fine art photographer who creates images with a distinctive, edgy style.

I am a highly passionate, creative individual who loves to create images, be this through a collaborative relationship with stylists, models, actors or just me, my camera and one other person.

All of the images seen on my website have being created on location or by setting up a makeshift studio. I love working where people feel most comfortable be this in their own homes or a special location. I have developed many techniques over the years which means I can create highly stylised professional studio images almost any where.

I find that getting out and having adventures is when inspiration strikes the most. You can’t beat going out on a bike or a walk and being one with the world to get the creative juices flowing.

When I am not riding my bicycle I am trying to hone my photographic skills always striving to give the clients the best quality work I can produce. If I were a restaurant I defiantly wouldn’t be a fast food joint, I’d class myself as one of those with the five star Michelin ratings and hope my work reflects this.

I have a very relaxed friendly style when working with others, which means the creative process is free to flow. On many occasions clients have commented how they have enjoyed the shoots due to the relaxed atmosphere.

If you would like to contact me with regards to a photographic project please do so via the contact form, email (gazpartington@gmail.com) or through one of the many social media platforms. I seem to be on most of them these days.





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